33 The Bohemian Living Room Perfectly Welcomes Warmth and Goodness

Bohemian Living Room Style

The Bohemian Living Room, as defined by writers Mary Sophia Jackson and David Van Reybrouck, is an “open-air sanctuary, the room is large, often having windows. the furnishings are simple and comfortable, the open-air flow of the room adds to the pleasure of being there.” The world of the Bohemian is one in which many consider solitude to be a virtue.

The modern living room is often considered a space of productivity for families who spend much of their time in front of a laptop. Modern living rooms are created in contemporary styles with high ceilings, exposed beams, flat or curved floors, and minimal furnishings. The use of fabrics, colors, and textures of many types is every day. Often, wood and glass are used in conjunction with material, accessories, and small artwork.

Furniture is smaller than the average room

Sometimes using only two furniture pieces, sometimes often using three pieces of furniture. The artwork is included in some modern living room designs. The designer makes every effort to bring together a sense of color and texture to create a relaxing environment that invites reading, sewing, cooking, and other activities.

The room typically has a black or dark blue color, black, red or white fabric, and furniture that is light in color. An undulating lighting pattern is typical in this type of design. When looking at a Bohemian living room, one can notice the use of patterns, colors, and textures.

In the 1920s, architects began using geometric forms, using a circular lighting pattern to create an atmosphere in a living room. Although this look is still fashionable today, the more contemporary design would include bolder, more geometric shapes. Natural materials such as leather, wood, glass, and metal may be used, although they are more expensive and less practical in everyday life.

The modern living room is not for someone

People spend much of their time in front of a computer in their living room. This kind of design is not for everyone. Although it may look very modern, the modern living room is not for someone who doesn’t want to sit in front of a computer all day.

For those who have children, or have a toddler, the Bohemian design allows them to read or play with toys while sitting comfortably. They won’t have to deal with annoying children yelling at them to take off the shoes when they’re in the middle of reading a book.

In this room, often children will be playing and so decorating is less critical. As long as children can play safely and are out of the way, the decoration is easy. Sometimes, the area is called the playroom, but the Bohemian design is all about escape and meditation.